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Discount Deal Websites and Marketing

In this podcast an interview with Barry Hand, Marketing Manager of about marketing a business via coupon deal are part of the INM Group and feature travel offers. Also Stephen Conmy from and tells me about the GSK App-cademy 2013. The GSK App-cademy is about bringing software development leaders and third level students together. The goal of the GSK App-cademy is to promote mentoring, positivity and jobs in app development.

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Future of Newspapers and Briefing Digital Agencies

In this podcast guest presenter Colin Lewis takes the reins addressing two topics.

The first topic is about how to brief and deal with digital agencies, with Dave Douglas, MD of ebow, a Dublin digital agency, discussing among other things, responsive design specification, how digital marketing is really the same as traditional marketing, and the discussion on budget. Among the case studies discussed is a recent one they did for Safefood using infographics.

In the second part of the podcast there is a discussion  The Future of Newspapers in a Digital World, with Chris Lawson, the former Director of Content Sales & Marketing, Guardian News & Media. Among the talking points are the dangers of cannibalsation for publishers going digital, paywall vs non-paywall models - the solution of how to package the content in an efficient way is also discussed. The example of the travel and music sections are discussed, and the company's approach to move beyond mass marketing to individual, data driven, customer communications. Chris will be a keynote speaker at the digital marketing conference DMX Dublin on March 13th.

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Trendwatching 2013 : Consumer Marketing Trends

In this podcast we're trendwatching with Lead Analyst from - David Mattin. 2013 has been described as the perfect storm of necessity and opportunity - in this podcast we review in detail 5 of the key consumer trends identified by Trendwatching as crucial to follow in 2013. The full report, with analysis on 10 trends in total, can be accessed HERE.

Also interviewed is Jill McGrath, CEO of TAM Ireland, whic previews a forthcoming AAI Toolkit Seminar on the 26th February  ' How shoppers behaviour is changing and the role that price, promotion and advertising strategies play in this'. We discuss how the recession has impacted on consumers' retail shopping habits, and whether this marks a fundamental shoft in behaviour.

Advertising Pitches and Mobile Marketing Trends

In this podcast an interview with Orlaith Blaney, Chair of IAPI, and CEO of McCann Dublin, in the run up to a forthcoming seminar on Getting More from the Client Agency Relationship, discusses the pitch process from advertising agency perspective. Among the topics we discussed were the Public Sector procurement process in relation to advertising, the importance of the advertising pitch presentation itself, and the extent to which to which advertising is becoming more global in nature leading to a squeeze on advertising agencies. 

Also Digital Marketing Institute boss, Anthony Quigley, is in studio to run through some trends in mobile marketing, the continued importance of search, the nature of app useage, and the general infancy of the sector, and the launch of Free WiFi in Dublin.

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Sponsorship Trends

A special podcast on the topic of sponsorship trends. In an extended interview with the Managing Director of Onside Sponsorship, John Trainor, we discuss a recently completed survey the company completed among Irish sponsors and rights holders. We examine growth areas for sponsorship such as airlines, energy and gambling sectors. The change in legistation governing alcohol sponsorship is also explored, as is the general attitudes among the public towards sponsorship.

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In this podcast I discuss the interaction between design, branding and marketing with Niall Corcoran, MD of agency Creative Inc, who were recently successful in the development of the Intreo creative identity for the Irish Government. In our interview we discuss the process of creating a brand new identity, and the need for stakeholder interaction.

Also Clare Burke, President of the Irish Travel Agents Association joins me to discuss the performance of the travel sector in the run-in to the 2013 Holidayworld Show.

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