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In this podcast an interview with Joe ???? Head Brewer at the White Hag Brewery in Ballymote, Co. Sligo.

And from Cong, Co.Mayo I am joined by Eoin Kennedy, founder of ConnGregation 2015 celebrating its third year.

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In this podcast an interview with Eoin Wrixton from Wide Eye Media about trends in the cinema advertising market, and cinema formats generally. Among the topics discussed with Eoin are:

How has the cinema as an advertising product performed in 2015; new tech and its impact digital  what does it allow from an advertisers perspective. Blockbusters drive demand - what are Wide Eye Meda expecting to do good business?

Plus Eimear Faughnan from Kantar Media is in studio to discuss some of their recent research in the following areas:

Retail and Christmas Shopping; how the discounters are holding market position, what's happening to online shopping versus 2014, planning cycles for Christmas, and gifting patterns across various demographic categories.

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Websummit 2015 saw over 40,000 delegates converge on Dublin's RDS conference centre to hear web visionaries, promote their start-up business and generally enjoy the famed Irish hospitality.

In this podcast a series of interviews conducted at the event including:

Shadow Technologies - user review data aggregation ( 1'00")

KNOQ - content delivery platform - location specific ( 3'40" )

UniTuition - connecting students with tutor (6'45")

9Sharp - making the CV redundant (9'40")

Meeting Mole - B2B communications (12'45")

@Eventerprise - creating a marketplace in the events sector (14'50")

Vagoo - premium secure video content platform with analytics (21'55")

Modern Democracy - enabling software for electoral professionals (23'35")

StartPlanet- non-profit organisation supported by Invest Northern Ireland (25'45")


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Creative Inc rebranded one of Ireland’s leading estate agents Gunne Residential to Quillsen. Starting with the name, the project involved the design of an identity system for all communications material from external signage and displays to the full spectum of printware and advertising. In the podcast we talk to director of Creative Inc Niall Corcoran...among the topics discussed were: What was the strategic issue behind the decision to rebrand?How long was the process and what were the challenges to communicate this internally, and how did you address this?

Also there is a report from the recent HSMAI Europe Marketing conference held in the Gresham Hotel Dublin. Interviewed are Lennert de Jong from innovators in the hotel sector, Citizen M, and Ingunn Hofseth from HSMAI Europe talks about a number of initiatives the organisation is undertaking.

Finally Conor Lynch from Connector 360 reviews this year's Huawei Instagram Snapys awards - rewarding excellence in Instagram imagery and marketing.

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