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In this podcast I am joined by Gerard Tannam from Islandbridge Brand Direction and Ross Good from

We explore the branding challenges for a SME who provide a website based messaging service. Gerard offers his insights into how the company can build a brand in the challenging context of scaling up a tech business.

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In the run in to Dublin hosting the ESOMAR Congress, this podcast an interview with founder of Catalyst Market Research Dan Mc Guinness. In our discussion we touch on many issue relating to the modern market research sector.Re-positioning of MR - more contemporary discussion on Insights - what is meant by this?
Technology - lots of new tools -  Qual and Quant perspectives --- the tend to allow fast reporting, but is this at the expense of strategic insight ever?
Big Data - huge hype around it -- what are the opportunitiies for MR companies - existing players or are we going to see new entrants?

Is there a trend for companies to do more in-house analysis using the new tools available --- threat or opportunity?

Qual and Quant - differences, how they complement each other
Qualitiative Research trends.

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An extended interview with CEO, Alan Clarke dscussing a recently commissioned Phocuswright report on the  Shared Space /Homestay accomodation sector. The report covers an 8 country, 8,000 person survey in December 2014. The survey found that anywhere from 10% - 20% of travellers are choosing the shared space / homestay option of accommodation. Some of the key findings are below
-          Nearly one in 10 travellers in the US and UK rented a shared space last year , this compares to one in 5 for whole home rentals
-          Participation in shared spaces grows to almost one in 5 in countries like China, Brazil and Russia
-          Shared space accommodation sector rose from 3% in 2012 to 9% in 2014  in the US
-          Number of millennials (18-34) renting shared space accommodation is up to 15% 
-          53% of shared space renters are aged 35+, with 55+ making up 22% of the market, demonstrating shared stays are not just popular with young travellers
-          Nearly half of all shared space renters in the US and UK have an annual household income of more than £50k

Fáilte Ireland will be borrowing the ‘Google Trekker’ over the next three months to capture many of Ireland’s remotest tourism beauty spots which haven’t yet been captured by Google Street View. - See more at:
We discuss in detail these findings, and trace the broader implications for the accommodation sector, and the challengs facing the shared space segment.

At the start of the show I am joined by phone by Brian Quinn on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way in Co. Mayo. Brian is  from Fáilte Ireland who have just  announced that it is borrowing Google's hi-tech 'Trekker' to capture Street View images of some of the country's remotest spots.

The Google Trekker is a wearable backpack, mounted with a spherical device containing over a dozen cameras that gather images as it goes.

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In this podcast an extended interview with Finian Murphy from Agility. We discuss the marketing implementations from the recent Same Sex Marriage referendum in Ireland. The Agility team put together the Stand Up For Equality campaign as part of the wider Yes movement.

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Fionnán Nestor, Domestic Campaigns Manager of Fáilte Ireland talks to guest presenter Adam Baker about the Discover Ireland activity including the current 'This is Living' campaign. Fionnán also woked on the highly successful campaign for The Gathering in 2013.

Fionnán talks about the role of Fáilte Ireland with particular emphasis on how marketing functions in encouraging domestic tourism stays. He reviews the history of how Discover Ireland campaigns have evolved over the years, to emphasise how Irish holidays were positioned as a young, exciting option for locals to experience - with activity tourism being a big contributor.

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