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A special interview with Mark Cullen from research company W5, who have just launched the  Irish Customer Service Survey. The survey found that people associate grocery stores with the best customer service and the Government with the worst.  Over 2,000 people in Ireland responded to the online survey which rated Customer Service across thirteen sectors using the globally-recognised Net Promoter Service (NPS) score.  NPS is embraced by leading companies worldwide as the standard for measuring and improving customer loyalty. Respondents were also asked to pick their 'best' and 'worst' performing sectors in terms of Customer Service.

Also Des Doris from Alchemy Events previews the inaugural Irish Media Awards which take place on March 31st.

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Interviews with John Slyne from Europe's leading Content on Demand company,   Populis - which has its European HQ in Dublin. John talks about the recent launch of the brand name Populis  ( the company was previously known as GoAdv ) - and discusses trends in media consumption ( about 60% of media is search based demand). The company adopts a scientific approach to track what people are searching for on the internet and produces numberous blog to cater for these interests. Among their primary blogs are Excite and Better Deals.




Cormac Mc Alinden talks about the launch of which replaces the MAPS media directory. In addition to all the content that existed on the MAPS directory, Cormac discusses how the new website plans to develop engagement with the Irish marketing community via news and blogs.


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