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No. 38: (a) MII conference report (b) Podcast Advertising

Part One - (2'05"). Marketing Institute of Ireland conference report. A special report from the annual conference of the Marketing Institute of Ireland where we interview some of the speakers including the former marketing director of London's successful 2012 Olympic Bid, David Maglioni . There is also an interview with the European chief of Edelman, David Brain , whose blog Sixty Second View is well worth checking out - not least because yours truly features on it!

(20'35")There is also a short Brief Word on Brand from Gerard Tannam of Islandbridge Brand Direction.

Part Two (24'00") Podcast Advertising Report. An extended interview with James Belcher, an analyst with, who has recently authored a very comprehensive report into podcasting's potential as an advertising medium. We discuss the alternative models for podcast revenue as well as the challenges to growth.
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No. 37: Ebookers UK and Ireland boss talks travel internet marketing An interview with Ciaran Lally, UK and Ireland general manager for ebookers. In the interview there is discussion on the changing shape of consumption of the travel product, with internet now a key channel of distribution.
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