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No 40: Gaming and Advertising

Gaming and advertising are examined in this episode of The Persuaders Marketing Podcast. In an interview with Michael Haines, COO of we discuss the growth of gaming, the changing shape of gaming demographics and the alternative ways that marketers are seeking to use games as a channel to reach youth audiencec

Part Two features a series of interviews conducted at the Finnish Embassy in Dublin to coincide with the launch of Ryanair's new service to Tampere. I discuss the attractions of Finland's second city and the marketing strategy employed to get more people to visit there.
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Part One - (1'50"). Search Marketing World report. An interview conducted with Gerard O'Neill from Amarach where we discuss the findings of an Amarach authored report that Interactive Return commissioned in advance of the recently held Search Marketing World conference held in Dublin. Gerard has some very interesting insights into demographic differences in internet useage, as well as some useful insights into the click-through behaviour of Irish web audiences.

(15'30")There is also a short Brief Word on Brand from Gerard Tannam of Islandbridge Brand Direction.

Part Two (18'05") . An extended interview with Sarah Owen UK head of The Referral Institute who recently gave a presentation to a BNI conference in Ireland. In the interview we discuss how to optimise the referral opportunities from your networking activities. Sarah Owen will be a keynote speaker at SMILE Conference 2007 the leading conference in Ireland for hospitality and tourism sales and marketing professionals.
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