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In this podcast Stuart Mc Louglin from Business2Arts is in studio to discuss the programme which is an innovative means of using the principles of crowd-sourcing plus..... an interview with Leanne Papaioannou Managing Director of Chilli Pepper Marketing who will discuss with me the challenges of customer retention in a recession as well as the distinction between retention and loyalty.

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In this podcast Tim Ryan, Marketing Manager - Ireland for Jameson discusses their latest 'bear' campaign which is part of the broader 'Easygoing' positioning. We discuss how Jameson is embracing a digital strategy in their communications as well as exploring how the brand is presented in overseas markets.

Also Eoin Wrixon, General Manager for Carlton Screen Advertising talks about cinema advertising in Ireland, the link between cinema owners, distributors and the media space advertisers. 

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In this podcast an interview with Ronan Healy about The Adventure Weekend - a three-day event taking place in the RDS from 20th May 2011, which will showcase the very best of what Ireland has to offer in outdoor and adventure activities. At a time when the Irish tourism industry is in decline The Adventure Weekend is hoped to ignite new enthusiasm about what Ireland has to offer in the emerging adventure sector. 

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Interview with Ed Mc Donald Chief Executive of the Association of Advertisers in Ireland (AAI) In the interview we take a look at the environment for advertisers, and in particular with the legislative climate. Ed will be making the case for the importance of the advertising and marketing community in national recovery. Also in studio we interview Colm Carey from The Research Business about marketing research issues. 

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