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In this podcast, ecommerce expert Vinny O'Brien of Vinny & Co. discusses: how Covid has shaped retailers' ecommerce capability and to understand if this has created winners and losers? What are the types of issues that retailers typically need to address in their ecommerce strategy?

What are the skill-sets required to really manage e-commerce - Vinny points to Shopify as being innovative in this respect, and we discuss how to maximise the online customer experience to mirror the retail one.

In part two of the podcast, Damian O'Reilly from School of Retail and Services Management, TU Dublin,  reflects on the role that AR and VR technologies will play in retail.

Presenter: Alex Gibson
Producer: Kamila Lewandowska


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In this episode of The Persuaders, we talk to Ray Sheerin who founded the Chemistry advertising agency about the need for advertisers to be prepared to take risks in their creative strategy. We discuss IPA research that points to award winning work effectiveness being on the decline.

Plus, Pearse Keller from KelAir Campotel discusses how his company has had to seek new markets as Covid decimated their Irish holiday segment.

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The CXi Report is published annually by The CX Company which is based in Dublin. It is based on an annual survey which is carried out on behalf of the company, by AmarĂ¡ch Research.

Between the 13th July to 17th August this year a cross section of 2,500 Irish consumers were asked about their customer experiences with 151 brands across ten sectors.

In this podcast Alex Gibson interviews the founder of The CX Company, Michael Killeen. As well as discussing the CXi Report there is a wide ranging discussion on the place of CX in today's business world and the impact of COVID on CX activity

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In this episode an interview with Jennifer Condon and Adam Fulham, founders of The Irish Start-up Conference, taking place online on Tuesday 27th April 2021.

In addition to the content of the conference we discussed:

How has the Covid impacted on start-ups? Issue of scaling up seems to be important - how can small businesses plan for this? And what is of interest for the marketing audience in particular. We discuss how the conference has evolved and its interesting structure build to accommodate a significant US speaker input.

Presenter: Alex Gibson
Producer: Kamila Lewandowska

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In this edition, we talk the co-founders of The Indie List, Una Herlihy and Peter Mc Partlin. The Indie List promises to bring together the best strategic, creative and technical skills in Ireland for the benefit of businesses and agencies seeking meet the demands of a fast-evolving business environment with maximum flexibility, efficiency and impact.

In Part 2 of the show, Diarmuid O'Riordan from discusses how they are leveraging digital marketing strategies to boost sales of beef from a rare Irish native breed- the Dexter.

Presenter: Alex Gibson
Producer: Kamila Lewandowska

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In Part 1 of this Podcast, an interview with Belinda Barker, Chief Executive of World Media Group about their recently produced research report and survey on Content Led Marketing trends.

Among the topics we explored are: How do you define content led advertising? How many years has the survey been running? How has proportion on content-led advertising changed since last survey in 2020? We also explore the issue of brand safety --what exactly is brand safety in this context? And we preview the World Media Awards which are now accepting entries.

In Part 2 of the podcast, starting at 17 minutes in, I talked with leading marketing author and consultant, Thomas Barta. Thomas is one of the world's foremost thinkers, speakers and writers on the subject of marketing leadership. A former McKinsey partner, he co-authored the path-breaking leadership book 'The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader' and has consulted for some of the world's most prominent brands. In our interview we explore how marketers can build their leadership capabilities among other C-suite executives.

Thomas has a number of practical suggestions to do this. We also discuss the popular Marketing Leadership Masterclass that has begun to run in an e-learning format.

Presenter: Alex Gibson
Producer: Kamila Lewandowska

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