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Podcast 77: Brand America: Podcast on Nation Branding Richard Delevan is my guest presenter for this show. Recorded on July 4th, it assesses the state of Brand America in the world today, and asks how much a nation brand can actually be managed. Richard's guests are Harry Browne from DIT, Pat Kinsley from Neworld brand consultants and Simon Anholt, consultant in city and nation branding. The link to the Andy Owen 'Discover the secrets of sucessful direct marketing', taking place on September 18th is HERE.
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Interview with Michael Wallace, Commercial Director for about the trends in online recruitment, plus Brent Koepke, Creative Director from Fareed, Zapala Koepke, an Orlando based hospitality marketing consultancy about the state of the creative sector in US advertising. Brent also shares with us some specific case-studies of best practice.
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Podcast 75: Qualitative Research podcast Interview with Colm Carey from The Research Centre where we discuss the trends in qualitative research, practical qualitative research case study examples such as Bulmers marketing, and the rational and emotional drivers of purchasing behaviour.


1'21" Talking about The Research Business

2'24" The emotional part of purchasing

5'35" The characteristics of qualitative research

9'10" Engaging customers

15'20" Barry's Tea and Bulmers cases

21'00" Involving senior management in the research process

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