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Podcast 66: Branding Case Study : Recruitment Agency Prosperity It's official - the Boomtown Rats had it completely wrong. Well, if Irish marketing recruiters Prosperity have their way. Working with branding consultancy Gospel TM the company have developed a bold communications message built around the proposition that the route to happiness firstly lies in being happy in one's career. The theme of 'happiness' in all its manifestations has provided Prosperity with a rich vein from which to mine persuasive messages across all media platforms. Listen to my discussion with Gary Mullen from Prosperity and Marty Wright from Gospel TM to find out more.....
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Podcast 65: Interview with Albert Maruggi Albert Maruggi started Provident Partners, a full-service marketing firm, to work with clients who want to communicate in different ways and actively build their businesses. The company holds as its philosophy - The thoughtful pursuit of being different, while relating to what’s common, is the art and science of business communications. In my interview with Albert we discuss how he is advising his clients on social media ( indeed if social media is a term that's relevant ) and also some other topical issues in today's multi-media marketing environment.
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Podcast 64: Marketing from the Middle of Nowhere (2) In the second of the Marketing from the Middle of Nowhere series with Alex Gibson and Sharon McIntyre, a look at off-the-beaten-path hotels and lodges that have made their location a must-visit tourist and lifestyle destination for distinct audiences In the show we discuss how a distinct positioning can be developed to help these accommodations compete with local competition, but how they can also make a mark on a more global stage by marshalling the local advantages they have in tandem with the global distribution opportunities that the web offers. Main sites mentioned on the show...

Ice House hotel


Wickaninnish Inn

Nipika Mountain Resort


Park Hotel, Kenmare

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