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Irish Times Advertising campaign and Antenna App from  iQ Content

In studio to discuss the background insights behind the new Irish Times campaign  'The Story of Why' is Marketing Manager, Katie Molony. The campaign  is running currently on a hugh variety of platforms. In the interview Katie disucsses how the paper will seek to engage more with their various communities. 

Also in studio to discuss a new app development platform for the events sector, Antenna, is Morgan McKeagney from iQ Content. The app is an open source development which allows anyone with an event, and some programming capability, the opportunity to develop an app to connect with their audiences.

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In this podcast interviews with Angela Healy, MD of Empathy Research and current Chairperson of the Irish Marketing Society and Dave Antrobus from Grafton Media. Among the topics we discuss are: using social media for marketing research ( such as a dedicated Facebook research panel), the ROI of social media, and has digital marketing reached a tipping point in Ireland.

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An in-depth interview with Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK. Rory was appearing at a breakfast event in Guinness Storehouse. We had the opportunity to chat after his presentation and our conversation touched on a number of topics including the concept of market value, heuristics, the rule of three, choice architecture and neuro-marketing.

At the start of the podcast there is an interview with John Warburton, CEO of - winners of the award for Best Mobile App at the IIA Net Visionary Awards.....The download link is below...

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With mobile internet usage set to overtake PC usage within the next 18 months, we host a mobile marketing special with a panel of four experts in the field.....

Andrew Jenkinson co-founder of  vStream

Natalie Heugas Director of Strategy at vStream and

Mark Grainger - Digital Sales and Marketing Manager Oxygen8

Tony Burke, Chief Technical Officer for Actus Mobile

Among the themes we look at are mobile commerce, apps, tablet apps, social media and mobile. 

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