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Podcast 63: Digital marketing and Viral marketing podcast In part one of this podcast we talk to three of the participants at the Irish Direct Marketing Association digital media conference, Tom Bazeley, Managing Director, Lean Mean Fighting Machine, Jonathan Forrest, Cybercom and Jay Stephens, In part two an interview with Justin Kirby, writer on word of mouth marketing from DMC who writes the Connected Marketing blog.
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Podcast 62: Marketing from the Middle of Nowhere No. 1. Marketing from the Middle of Nowhereâ„¢ A series of case-based discussions between two international marketers & academics, Alex Gibson and Sharon McIntyre, about best-practices for marketing small businesses in a global marketplace. The Irish Gibson and Canadian/Irish McIntyre select a shared industry (such as ecotourism), or a shared marketing technique (such as pricing strategy); choose a local successful small business; and then examine the how the respective businesses have excelled. A sense of "place" anchors the discussions: Ireland and Canada have similarities including mythic natural landscapes, sparsely populated geography, proximity to market-giant neighbours, and innovative small businesses. While international listeners and readers may not initially place, for example, Tralee (Ireland) or Edmonton (Canada) on a map of the world; they will think of these towns as wellsprings of off-the-beaten-path innovation, after hearing of the global marketing success of Stockbyte in the online photography industry, and Bioware in the video gaming world. The cases will demonstrate that, in an internet-enabled marketplace, a marketing-savvy small business can thrive and carve out a global market niche. In fact, running a business "from the middle of nowhere" can often be a strategic business advantage. Companies mentioned in this first podcast in the series are


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Podcast 61: Flytoget Case Study plus Small Business Branding Interview with Sver Hogen from Flytoget, winner of the HSMAI Norway marketing awards for their campaign for the rapid rail service linking Olso with its main airport, plus our regular look at issues in Small Business Branding with Gerard Tannam.
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