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On this episode of The Persuaders -- the topic of innovation is one that we have covered numerous times on the show, but never from the perspective of philosophy. Professor Xavie Pavie, who lectures at top French business school ESSEC's Singapore campus, is an acknowledged global thinker in how companies can be more responsible in their innovation strategy, especially by framing their thinking in a philosophical way.

Prof. Pavie's contact information:

In part two of the show (19'10" ) Edel Mc Partland from the Sligo Park Hotel describes their marketing approach, as they prepare to reopen their doors to the public following a long lockdown due to Covid restrictions.

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Presenter: Alex Gibson
Producer: Kamila Lewandowska

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On this week's show we interview the founders of London agency, SharpEnd, Cameron Worth and Rob Hollands. Their agency together with Capgemini and The Drum have recently launched Cornershop, which is a retail innovation showcase space in Shoreditch. Cornershop was recently featured on the BBC Click television show. We are joined also by Damian O'Reilly from TU Dublin's School of Retail and Services Management. We discuss the factors leading to Cornershop's creation, the brands that they currently work with, how immersive technologies will impact on retail, the emergence of virtual worlds and digital assets,  and their future plans for expansion, which include an opening of a Cornershop in New York city.
Presenter: Alex Gibson
Producer: Kamila Lewandowska
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In this edition of the show, we have as interviewees: Damian Young, founder and CEO of ZEUS Scooters - an Irish company deploying the World's FIRST 3-​wheeled electric scooter for the urban mobility sharing market. Launched in the city of Heidelberg in Germany in June 2020, ZEUS Scooters has expanded to 17 cities in Germany, making it the fastest expanding Micro Mobility company in Germany.

We are also joined by Ciaran Fitzpatrick the founder of Cookie Dó, which is part of Aldi's Grow with Aldi programme. Cookie Dó was founded in the kitchen of Irish speaking 'Aon Scéal Café', in Tallaght Village Dublin. They spent 2020 perfecting the cookie and coming up with new and unique flavours.

Presenter: Alex Gibson
Producer: Kamila Lewandowska

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In this episode a feature interview with Alison Tyrrell. 
Alison is the Head of Marketing at SilverCloud Health and previous Global Head of Content, Brand Marketing & Media at Spark Foundry, an agency within Publicis Media. Alison works with brands to help them identify their narratives and connect with their audience through award winning marketing throughout the customer lifecycle. Alison’s 360 experience spans both brand and agency side in Ireland, Australia, and the United Kingdom. She has worked for and with brand titans such as Mondelez International, UBS & Marriott, plus boutique fashion, food, and music brands. 
In our extended interview we discuss content marketing, how to connect brands with their audiences with content,  and marketing trends to watch such as the growing role of audio in search marketing. 
Plus, in Part Two, Mark Sage from the Augmented Reality Enterprise Alliance previews the 2021 ARVR INNOVATE conference and how AR is providing marketers with new ways to build engagement with audiences.
Presenter: Alex Gibson
Producer: Kamila Lewandowska
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