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In this podcast a feature interview with Zara Flynn, who is managing director of new agency Guns or Knives, which is part of the wider Rothco group. Now in business for 20 years, Rothco has grown to become Ireland’s top independent creative agency with an enviable client list. Three years ago Flynn helped  Rothco to help develop Rothco Social+. which has now metamorphised into the new entity. In our interview we discuss how brands are increasingly turning to experiental types of strategy to foster and cement relationships with customers.

Also we are joined by telephone by Brian Sweeney from The People Group to review the marketing recruitment scene in 2015 - a buoyant sector is experiencing key shortages in the digital sectors in particular.

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In this podcast an extended interview with Ronan Kinahan,  the head of Eyeful Ireland (a sister co. of Vibe Training & Presentations)


With a studio of 12 full time slide designers based in the UK, the companty create presentations for a host of clients globally

In the podcast we discuss the science behind presentation recall


Engagement is a big problem for all types of presentations nowadays which is compromising recall. 



Among the issues we will address will be how PowerPoint is often used incorrectly, software alternatives pro’s & cons / video best practice / RECALL method > VARS / Messaging problems / Reading v presenting to audience. Ronan is offering a number of companies the opprortunity to have a complimentary presentation seminar - contact him on


At the start of the show I am joined by Steve Dann, founder of Amplified Robot and keynote speaker at the  European Augmented Reality Marketing Conference, taking place in Dublin on April 29th, 2015. In our interview we discuss the current state of play in AR and also its sister technology Virtual Reality.

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In station interview with Jimi McGrath, Account Director at Rothco about the AIB documentary #TheToughestTrade - the first documentary produced by Rothco. There is also pre-recorded interview with Matt Cooper (Founder) and  Laura Swinton ( Editor )  of Little Black Book Online.
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