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Podcast 91: Blogging as Marketing Tool To coincide with the third running of the Irish blog awards, an interview with Robert Coyle from Bloom Advertising and with Maryrose Lyons from Brightspark Consulting about the use of blogging as a marketing tool and indeed a form of social expression. Also in the run-in to the ESOMAR retail research taking place in London from 2-4 March, there is also an interview with Gill Aitchison, President, Global Shopper and Retail Research, Ipsos, UK.
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Podcast 90: Joblessandproud One of the more interesting projects I've been asked to help out with for a long time is the project. David Jones harnessed the collective efforts of the social blogosphere,with no little help from Maryrose Lyons of Brightspark Consulting following his appearance on Newstalk to discuss his book he wrote in the aftermath of losing his job. This podcast covers my interview with David on The Persuaders - I also interview Michael Wallace from about their jobsfair.
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An extended interview with one of the founders of Mike Mc Mahon, We discuss the background to the company and some important online marketing strategies including e.mail marketing, viral marketing, and online strategies that companies can implement themselves. has recently opened a UK office.
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