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Persuaders Marketing Podcast 140

In this podcast a special interview with Rachel Killeen, marketing consultant, on the topic of professional service marketing. In the podcast we discuss the main points in her recently published book, Client Science, with lots of practical tips for your business.

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Marketing Podcast 139: Veronica Canning and Ivan Misner

A great episode of the Persuaders with two very inspirational interviewees.

Firstly an interview with Veronica Canning author of Shoeisms - Veronica has been Veronica Canning is recognised in Ireland, United Kingdom and abroad for her expertise in Thinking Strategies for Success, involving setting goals, realising them, overcoming challenges, and embracing change. interview with Ivan Misner, founder of the world's largest networking organisation BNI ( Business Networking International) where he discusses the benefits of networking as a marketing strategy.

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In this marketing podcast an interview with Luke Abbott.


Luke is a Social Media Specialist with Neworld Associates in Dublin. His first use of working in social media was in 2005 promoting gigs, events and festivals through Myspace, later Youtube and Facebook. In 2009 he completed a Masters in Marketing in WIT, and awarded student of the year for his dissertation ‘An Investigation of Marketing On Social Networking Websites’ – looking at why consumers engage in social network marketing and what they expect from it. He currently writes two blogs, the first looks at interesting marketing concepts on and offline, and the second is the Neworld blog which has a focus on social media

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In this podcast an interview with Niall O'Driscoll and Andrew Jenkinson from v-Stream. 

The company recently had a first in digital marketing here with  

the development of  an interactive experience entitle "The Aviva Stadium 3D Experience" which will give sports fans across Ireland unique access to the stadium in a dramatic 3D personalised experience, housed in a travelling simulator.

A world first, vStream has developed software to personalise stereoscopic 3D video, to allow the viewer to experience the build up to an international soccer or rugby match in the first person, with their name and picture being featured throughout the content.


In the show I also discuss... 

3D video and its applications for marketing

Interactive and personalised video

Digital marketing school

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In this podcast, guest presenter Roisin Ni Mhordha interviews....

Claire Nolan - Marketing Manager for Tommy Hilfiger Ireland  

Discussed are;
·      New ad campaign ‘Meet the Hilfigers’
·      Change of direction
·      How, why, what, when and where?
·      25th Anniversary of Tommy Hilfiger
·      TH growing from strength to strength
·      TH range, Denim, Runway Collection etc.
Brian McEvoy - Photographer and Pictures in Publicity

Discussed with Brian;
·      What makes a good photographer? 
·      How long in the business?
·      Importance of photography
·      Ever get tired of it?
·      Whose work do you admire?
·      Process of taking a photo at an event to it appearing in print
·      Tips/advice when briefing a photographer

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In this podcast, guest presenter, Roisin Ni Mordha interviews...


Owen Connolly Founder of Connolly Counselling Centre (by phone)
Discussed are ;
·      Link between physical and mental health – brain function
·      Are people taking better care of their health?  Health is wealth! 
·      Expansion of Centre
Ulrika Gervais - Sales and Marketing Director at Beacon Pharma
Discussed are;
·      Setting up a business during a recession 
·      How do you select the products you bring in? 
·      What are the products/brands you represent/ 
·      What do you see are the challenges for business? 
·      Where can people find out more about the products and where to get them? 

Dr Günter Schmidt - Scientist and CEO Cambridge Theranostics (Biotech company is an offshoot of Cambridge University)
Discussed are;
·      Brand names – how do you pronounce them?! Ateronon (Lycopene/aka “Tomato Pill”)
·      How much time is spent on R&D?
·      Clinical trials?  Harvard Medical School in Boston and Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge
·      How difficult is it to get approval with food supplements over a pharmaceutical?
·      What do you see are the challenges for business? 
·      Where can people find out more about the products and where to get them? 
New brands?

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In the second of the programmes with guest presenter Roisin Ni Mhordha the interviewees are:

Roger Hopkinson - Head of Locum Consulting, Ireland (by phone from London)

Discussed are
·      Who is Locum?  
·      What does Locum do?  What is Destination Branding?
·      How does it work?  What does it entail?  
·      Case studies
Rachelle O’Brien - Sales and Marketing Manager at Burlington Hotel, Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4
Discussed is;
·      Rebranding of The Burlington Hotel
·      Celtic Rising
·      Rejuvenation of Hospitality Industry
·      The future

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In this podcast, guest presenter Roisin Ni Mhordha has two guests in-studio...


Eoin Doyle - Founder and owner of The BrookLodge Hotel & Wells Spa, Macreddin, Co Wicklow
·      Awards - Georgina Campbell Hotel of the Year 2010
·      Armento Italian Farmer’s Market (Armento connection) on Sunday 
·      Strawberry Tree Organic restaurant
·      10th year anniversary - What’s the secret of your success?
·      Wells Spa
·      Evolving in a competitive industry
Ian Tucker - Co-founder and manager of The Exchequer, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2
·      1st year in business – setting up in a recession
·      Awards – Best Gastro Pub Dublin & Ireland 2010 – does it/has it made a difference
·      What makes The Exchequer the Best Gastropub
·      Celebrities
·      The future

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