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In this podcast a special discussion on the role that the media play both positive and negative on the depiction of communities. Plus Siobhan O'Connell from and Business Plus magazine reviews the state of play in the radio market in the crucial breakfast segment.

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In this podcast Estelle Gorby from Acorn Marketing who picked up the Agency of the Year Award recently at the An Post Direct Marketing Awards, and on the telephone I talk to Evan Arkwright, Commercial Manager of the Curragh Racecourse.

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I'm joined in studio by Martina Doyle from Unicare Pharmacy who are involved in a major rebrand which will see some 70 outlets renamed Doc Ken Mc Kenzie from new insight company Motiveworks gives a fascinating interview into how advertisers and their agencies can develop campaigns based on deep consumer insight.

And by telephone Tom Trainor from the Marketing Institute will discuss the newly launched Digital Marketing Executive Programme 

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In this podcast in-studio interviews with Kay Mc Carthy and Shane Doyle from branding specialists MCCP, Jonnie Cahill, Marketing Director O2 Ireland and on the phone from London Will Goodhand from award winning market research agency Brainjuicer. In the interview we discuss the challenges of protecting brand value in a recessionary environment. Jonnie Cahill, Marketing Director O2 Ireland, shares some very interesting insight from O2 in terms of how they evaluate the commercial impact of their relationship building activity; Will Goodhand has a number of case-study examples from Brainjuicer's client base to share, and Kay and Shane share some of the research findings from MCCP which shed light on how Irish consumers are adapting their behaviour in the new climate. You can download the show on the link below.

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