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Websummit 2015 saw over 40,000 delegates converge on Dublin's RDS conference centre to hear web visionaries, promote their start-up business and generally enjoy the famed Irish hospitality.

In this podcast a series of interviews conducted at the event including:

Shadow Technologies - user review data aggregation ( 1'00")

KNOQ - content delivery platform - location specific ( 3'40" )

UniTuition - connecting students with tutor (6'45")

9Sharp - making the CV redundant (9'40")

Meeting Mole - B2B communications (12'45")

@Eventerprise - creating a marketplace in the events sector (14'50")

Vagoo - premium secure video content platform with analytics (21'55")

Modern Democracy - enabling software for electoral professionals (23'35")

StartPlanet- non-profit organisation supported by Invest Northern Ireland (25'45")


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