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This podcast is a special dedicated to the topic of using a blog as a primary means of income. In studio I interviewed two bloggers who have been very successful at turning their blog into a commercial proposition.


Liam Daly is an award-winning blogger who has a number of blogs. He has been very successful in selling his artwork online and has been able to capitalize on his creative skills with a background in computing. His main blog is Bicyclistic where he tells the stories of painting, of cycling, and the things he thinks of while standing at bus-stops, and it's also where he posts any upcoming sales of paintings. 


Amy Dillon is behind the blog where she has successfully integrated copy and video in a blog that's had both an Irish and international following. Her YouTube channel is Dazzledust25.


Also in this podcast is show producer Monica Harkin who will give some insight into the more popular blogs here and internationally.


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