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In the review of 2013 - The Marketing Year, I've telephone interviews with top US marketing author, consultant and commentator, Joseph Jaffe - whose latest book is Z.E.R.O. - and communications consultant Margaret E.Ward from ClearInk. In studio I'm joined by branding specialist Gerard Tannam from Islandbridge Brand Direction.

Our discussion is a broad ranging treatment of the highs and lows of the year. We discuss some of the celebrated marketing faux-pas of the year, as well as some case-studies of companies who got it right.

Among the examples and points discussed: 

Melt Bar and Grill

Why the 'Next Best Thing' is not the most important thing

Instagram Direct

Oreo Superbowl Tweet

Beyonce's unconventional album release

Nike - The Data Company

Keogh's Irish Crisps - the story of the potato field

Pantene's Anti-Sexism Adverts

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In this podcast interviews with:

Paula Mc Carthy, Branded Content, TV3 Group, who talks about the media sponsorship deal that TV3 have struck with Brennans Bread to cover their Christmas movie line-up.

Clare Dunne, President Irish Travel Agents Association and MD Travel Broker, talks about the trends in the travel agent market

Conor Lynch: Connector 360 is interivewed about a specially developed app that his company have developed to encourage more people to give to charities at Christmas...

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An extended interview with CEO of  - Alan Clarke - Alan was formerly Head of Gaming at Paddypower.  Homestay was established by Tom Kennedy, one of the co-founders of the major player in hostel bookings, Hostelworld. Kennedy's masterplan is to put a similar booking and organisational structure on the massively fragmented home-stays market. This is where people come and stay in other people's houses for a fee. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in the entire tourism and accommodation space. In our interview I discuss the parallels between the homestay and hostel markets, as well as the broader marketing strategy and segmentation in the homestay sector.

I am also joined by new arrival to Dublin's digital markeitng scene - Ivan Ariel. Ivan, who works for Connector 360,  is a Brazilian national with extensive experience in developing websites and social media strategy in his native country. He shares some case-studies from the Brazilian market in the cosmetics sector.

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Interview with Mathijs Gajentaan, Chief Commercial Officer at twnkls -Dutch Augmented Reality specialists based in Rotterdam. In our interview we define Augmented Reality and discuss how it is seen as an increasingly attractive technology for marketers to engage audiences. We discuss a number of case studies where AR has been developed.

In-studio I am joined by two of the Interactive Direct Marketing Association council members Colin Stoddard and Dave Furney who will be discussing a survey that the IDMA are currently running. They also discuss developments in Ireland's direct marketing sector.

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In this podcast I am joined by panelists Gerard Tannam, Managing Director,  Islandbridge Brand Direction  and by Paul O'Grady, Group Commercial Director, Mercantile Group. We discuss the challenges for companies to truly put themselves in the customer shoes. The particular challenges of using social media to engage customers are discussed. Paul gives some very good examples of how they differentiate their messaging across many of their brands such as Whelans, The Village and Mercantile Bar, and their restaurant brands. Gerard discusses how companies need to avoid the temptation to have a blanket approach to social media marketing. Companies need to be very sensitive to the audience contexts.

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In this podcast I'm joined in-studio by Paul Bridgeman from and by telephone by David Glynn from the McWilliam Park Hotel, Mayo. We discuss a wide range of social media marketing issues. Snapchat as a channel for marketing is among the topics investigated, and Paul discusses some findings from the Vocal Digital Trends Survey

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In this podcast I am joined in studio by Maeve O'Gorman Digital and Social Strategy Director -  Mindshare Ireland , and Conor Lynch CEO of connector360. We are also joined on the phone line by Steven Roberts, Head of Marketing - Griffith College, Ireland

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In this podcast Maurice Collins, founder of HRBR, Hair Restoration Blackrock, Dublin, discusses the marketing aproach his company use to building a market for their services. We discuss the role of testimonials in building customer confidence, the legislative context and how new media is playing an increasingly important role.

Also on the show an interview with Simon Healy from a new chain of independent pharmacies.

Finally in the show, Paul Ebbs, discusses the launch plans for DIT's Construction Innovation Lab.

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In this interview MD of Pembroke Communications, Mick O'Keefe joins me for a wide ranging discussion on the relationship between Sports and Sponsorships. Pembroke Communications recently conducted survey research around sponsorship at Electric Picnic, and Mick shares some of the main findings. Among the brands discussed are #Bacardi #Heineken #Vodafone #ElectricIre Also joining us for the discussion is Philip Peake Sales, Operations & Commercial Manager at Irish Greyhound Board Harold's Cross racecourse.

We also discuss the PR dimensions around the Arthur's Day controversy 

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In this podcast a special interview with Mark Cullen, specialist consultant in customer engagement. In the interview discusses how companies use internal customer data  for insight as well as commissioned survey research. We discuss the key metrics that companies are using to assess customer satisfaction, from the concept of Net Promoter Score ( which has merits in loyalty measurement ) to Customer Effort Score ( which assesses how easy customer find it to interact with companies).

Also interviewed is Dr. Catherine Logan, Nutrition Manager with the National Dairy Council, who discusses their sponsorship of the Milk Advertising Awards, as well as the marketing activities of the Council. 

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