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No. 29: Innovative Online Marketing Case Study The final Persuaders Marketing Podcast of 2006 features an interview with entrepreneur John Crawley, whose French property webiste Ouicando, has stood out among other property websites in terms of the approach he uses to promote his company online. In a wide ranging interview we discuss the background to the company and the marketing strategies employed including the use of an innovative Advent calendar.

The Podcast also introduces what will be a regular feature on the podcast A Brief Word on Brand with Gerard Tannam of Islandbridge.

And the podcast kicks off with a report I compiled at a recent workshop held by Visitbritain, where I explored the marketing strategies employed by the participants to get Irish companies to take more meetings to Britain.

Finally I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous 2007. The next podcast will feature an interview with Muirne Laffan head of Ireland's broadcaster RTE's publishing division, who will have a very interesting insight into the organisation's web strategy.
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