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In this edition of the show, we have as interviewees: Damian Young, founder and CEO of ZEUS Scooters - an Irish company deploying the World's FIRST 3-​wheeled electric scooter for the urban mobility sharing market. Launched in the city of Heidelberg in Germany in June 2020, ZEUS Scooters has expanded to 17 cities in Germany, making it the fastest expanding Micro Mobility company in Germany.

We are also joined by Ciaran Fitzpatrick the founder of Cookie Dó, which is part of Aldi's Grow with Aldi programme. Cookie Dó was founded in the kitchen of Irish speaking 'Aon Scéal Café', in Tallaght Village Dublin. They spent 2020 perfecting the cookie and coming up with new and unique flavours.

Presenter: Alex Gibson
Producer: Kamila Lewandowska

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