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Podcast 81: MII Marketing Conference report in this podcast a series of interviews with the keynote speakers from the 29th National Marketing Conference organised by the Marketing Institute of Ireland.

Michael Tchong ( Pictured ) has an intuitive sense for reading the future which has earned him an international reputation as one of the savviest thinkers of the information age, tracking consumer trends and translating them into emerging opportunities for marketers. From his California base Michael has developed a host of successful media and technology companies to help consumers and businesses harness the potential of new innovations, including Ubercool, the next-generation social-engagement marketing company aimed at trendsetters.

Malcolm McDonald enjoys a global reputation as a leading authority on marketing. He’s the chairman of six companies and works with the operating boards of some of the world's leading multinationals across the globe, including IBM, Tesco and BP. Formerly Marketing Director of Canada Dry, Malcolm has written over 40 books and more than 100 articles and papers. He was until recently professor of marketing at Cranfield University School of Management.

Martin Thomas
 has run just about every type of marketing communications agency during the past 25 years. He began his career in public relations, before moving into advertising, via sponsorship, entertainment marketing and new media. At the end of 2006 he decided to go out on his own with Snapper Communications - so named, not because he likes fish, but because he was accused of getting ’snappy’ in his last job, which he took as a sign to move on. He now spends his time consulting, training and writing for a number of major brand owners and agencies. In my interview with Martin I ask him to define the central thesis behind the book he has recently co-authored with David Brain - Crowdsurfing.

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