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No 55: The Empathy Marketing Great Internet Marketing Debate Internet Marketing Debate from the Empathy Internet Marketing Conference held in Dublin on October 2007. On the side proposing the motion that Irish Marketers are Ready for the Internet were Jonathan Forrest of Cybercom, Rob Price of Diffinity and Simon Ferguson of

The press team was led my yours truly with Richard Delevan, journalist and blogger and Conor Brophy of Newstalk 106-108fm. Michael Dwyer chaired the proceedings. NOTE: Given the length of this podcast, I encoded it at a lower rate than ususal in order to save on download time - I hope this does not affect your listening experience.

Key Timelines

Jonathan Forrest - Cybercom 3'25"

Alex Gibson - The Persuaders 10'10"

Simon Ferguson - Salesonline 16'15"

Conor Brophy - Newstalk 106-108fm23'30"

Rob Pryce - Diffinity Ireland 31'50"

Richard Delevan 38'00"

Audience Questions 51'00"

Douglas Mc Arthur Comments on best speaker and question 59'00"

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