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No. 33: Trust in marketing

An extended interview with Albert Maruggi, one of the vanguard of marketing podcasters whose Marketing Edge podcast has garnered a significant audience in both the US and internationally. In the interview Albert and I cover a wide variety of marketing topics - trust in marketing the big issue for 2007, the rise of the network as a means of marketers collaborating on projects and the use of podcasting as a marketing tool.

There is also an interview with Colin Hughes from DIT who discusses the SalesWise Programme, which is run by DIT and is designed to help SMEs to enhance their strategic sales capability.

There is also a short Brief Word on Brand from Gerard Tannam of Islandbridge Brand Direction where Gerard gives us the final installment of his brand resolutions for 2007.

The Persuaders Podcast has been shortlisted for this year's Digital Media Awards in the independent podcast category. Details HERE.

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