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No.15: Vive la Difference: Marketing across borders The Persuaders Marketing Podcast returns after a four week break. Among those who stood in for me while I have been off air has been Gerard Tannam of Islandbridge Brand Direction Gerard took over the mike on July 14th, Bastille Day, and so it was appropriate that his show explore Franco-Irish marketing issues.

During the interview Gerard talks to Miriam Doyle of Mimitoys. Miriam is a French mother of 2 toddlers, Molly 4 and Malachy 3, who has established a successful toy business in Ireland.

Anne Marie Roynane is a founder of Terraconnecta - a Paris based recruitment company with proven track record working with corporations across all sectors in Europe, Asia, Africa, US and Latin America, and is uniquely placed to comment on the cultural challenges to doing business in France.

John Crawley of Ouicando . John has a proven track record as a successful businessman in designing company strategy, arranging complex financial & property transactions, providing a decision supporting Finance role to businesses, leading and directing large & small teams as well as organisational transformation and change management.
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