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No. 10: Radio advertising - making it memorable - Irish, UK and US examples Last week I was asked to chair the Initiative Media sponsored Dialogue session on the radio market - held co-incidenally in one of Dublin's trendiest clubs called POD. Anyway the seminar had a lot of very interesing speakers. On the client side Paul Farrell from O2 gave a great presentation on the way that company is exploring the digital media revolution. Paul Kavanagh's presentation centred on how as a consultant to Riviera Radio in Monaco he helped the station to climb from 30th to 7th place in the local market there. Other speakers included producer Mark Robinson from Australia who gave a very interesting insight into the process of producing good programming and from Mindshare, David Sneddon put the performance of radio in a broader total media context. On this podcast I thought I would share a presentation from freelance creative consultant Nick Kelly that I know the audience found both fascinating and hilarious in equal measure. If you haven't heard some of the radio ads he will be showcasing you are in for a treat. I've no doubt you'll be forwarding them to your peers for a good laugh. YOU CAN AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE EACH NEW EPISODE OF THE PERSUADERS MARKETING PODCAST BY SUBSCRIBING FROM THE i-TUNES PODCAST DIRECTORY.
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