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Future of Newspapers and Briefing Digital Agencies

In this podcast guest presenter Colin Lewis takes the reins addressing two topics.

The first topic is about how to brief and deal with digital agencies, with Dave Douglas, MD of ebow, a Dublin digital agency, discussing among other things, responsive design specification, how digital marketing is really the same as traditional marketing, and the discussion on budget. Among the case studies discussed is a recent one they did for Safefood using infographics.

In the second part of the podcast there is a discussion  The Future of Newspapers in a Digital World, with Chris Lawson, the former Director of Content Sales & Marketing, Guardian News & Media. Among the talking points are the dangers of cannibalsation for publishers going digital, paywall vs non-paywall models - the solution of how to package the content in an efficient way is also discussed. The example of the travel and music sections are discussed, and the company's approach to move beyond mass marketing to individual, data driven, customer communications. Chris will be a keynote speaker at the digital marketing conference DMX Dublin on March 13th.

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