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No.23: Trademarks and Patents - the marketing angle An interview with Liam Birkett on the topics of trademarks and patents. Liam Birkett's career began in office management, Carton Brothers, wholesale grocers, then extended into sales and marketing. He was involved in the launch of Mace and VG group trading in Ireland. His experience extended into wholesale, retail, cash & carry, direct marketing and consultancy on a national and international basis. He then worked in the cosmetic industry and later moved into O'Kennedy Brindley Advertising as an account executive. With colleagues from the advertising agency, he founded Bernardini, Birkett & Gardner Ltd, a design/marketing consultancy which, for more than 20 years was responsible for corporate identities and many marketing initiatives for Stokes, Kennedy Crowley, Waterford Foods, Monaghan Co-op, Smurfit/K Club, GAA branding as well as graphic and packaging projects for high profile clients. He also, as special projects, undertook major international marketing assignments for high profile clients, Irish Biscuits, and PARC to name but two. Being an inventor who has experienced the patenting process first hand and sold the inventions, he is acknowledged as working in familiar territory by those he advises. For over 7 years he was an intellectual property consultant with the biggest IP firm in Ireland and now runs his own consultancy. He can be contacted at
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