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No.22: Tripadvisor interview plus the Great Empathy Marketing Debate
This podcast features an interview with Marc Charron, Managing Director Europe for Tripadvisor which is an internet phemonenom. With 22million subscribers and some 5 million reviews on site, Tripadvisor is the world's most trafficked hotel and holiday review site. The interview was recorded at the SMILE Conference 2006 Ireland's premier conference for the tourism and hospitality sector, where Marc was a guest speaker. In the interview Marc gives an insight into the success of Tripadvisor and the opportunities that exist for companies who are prepared to engage in online dialogue with their customers.

The podcast also features a debate on the extent to which the Internet is the future of advertising. The debate was held as part of the third Empathy Marketing Conference Empathy marketing is an Irish internet success with its internet site having 250000 subscribers seeking benefits from a range of FMCG and services companies. The debate was chaired by Pigsback MD Michael Dwyer.

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